Which Contact Lens Solution Should I Use?

January 16, 2024 by Metro

Which Contact Lens Solutions Should I Use?
Cleaning, disinfecting, saline, rewetting drops—oh my! Understand the differences between the various contact lens solutions and which is the best solution for your specific contacts. Always inform your doctor about the solution you’re using. You can find many of the solutions at your local Walgreens, CVS, drugstore, grocery store, or amazon. Some products require a prescription and are only available through your doctor or the product website.

Multipurpose Solution or MPS
Multipurpose solutions are an all-in-one contact lens solution that cleans, disinfects, and conditions and stores your contact lenses.
1. Tangible Clean – All In One Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution. Clean, rinse, disinfect, condition, and store your soft, hybrid, corneal and scleral RGP contact lenses. No need for multiple solutions complicating your care routine.
2. BioTrue – Soft Contact Lenses including Silicone Hydrogels. Disinfects and cleans lenses overnight while simultaneously adding hydration for lens comfort that lasts all day.
3. Unique pH™ is a multi-purpose solution that cleans and and conditions rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
4. Boston SIMPLUS® is a “daily rigid gas permeable contact lens care system that cleans, removes proteins, rinses, disinfects and conditions”. It is approved by Tangible Sciences to use on contact lenses coated with Hydra PEG.

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Solutions
Hydrogen peroxide care systems can be prescribed for patients with sensitivities to the preservatives in multipurpose solutions.
1. CLEAR CARE®: Cleans and disinfects contact lenses with 3% hydrogen peroxide overnight, or for a minimum of six hours. This preservative-free solution is a great option for patients sensitive to preservatives in multi-purpose solutions. Safe for all soft and RGP contact lenses.

Contact Lens Storage Hygiene
It is recommended that patients store their contact lenses in a clean lens case with fresh solution every night. It’s important to empty and wash the cases each morning, refilling them with fresh solution every night. Avoid keeping solution in the case and “topping off,” as this can foster germ growth, potentially leading to serious eye infections. Developing a routine of proper lens storage hygiene is essential for maintaining eye health and preventing complications.

Artificial Tears or Lubricant Eye Drops for Contacts
Artificial tears are formulated to lubricate the ocular surface and provide temporary relief from dry eye symptoms. If you are a contact lens wearer, always make sure the box says, “For Contacts” on the label. You can always ask which brand your doctor recommends.

Keep an Eye Out
Stay up to date on recalled Artificial Tears. Here’s the most recent updated on Feb 3rd, 2024. Always call your eye doctor if you experience any adverse reactions to your eye drops.

Rewetting Drops or Rehydrating Drops for Contacts
Rewetting drops hydrate contact lenses while they are in the eye. Triple check that you are using the appropriate solution intended for Contact Lenses. If you accidentally instill the wrong drop into your eye not intended for Contact lenses, your eyes can burn, turn red, your eyes can become irritated, and potentially experience visual loss.

Again, Make Sure the Box Says, “For Contacts”

According to Forbes Health (1) the top two contact lens rewetting drops are:
1. Biotrue Hydration Boost Contact Lens Drops Add moisture back into your eye for up to 8 hours. It’s is preservative free.
2. REFRESH® RELIEVA® FOR CONTACTS LUBRICANT EYE DROPS Instill drops while wearing your contact lenses. Relieves dry eye symptoms.

Scleral Fill Solution
This preservative free saline solution is specifically designed to fill the bowl of the scleral lens. They come in sterile single use vials. This non-preserved saline sits directly on the surface of the eye for hours a day. It’s important to choose the best solution for your eyes.

  1. Nutrifill is the only FDA cleared insertion solution containing the 5 essential electrolytes, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphate which contribute to a healthier ocular environment. Nutrifill has a pH (7.4) and osmolality (300) which mimics the natural tear.
  2. Menicon Lacripure  is an FDA cleared non-preserved saline. Patients can open account on their webiste or order from amazon, or the Dry Eye Shop.
  3. Bausch + Lomb Scleral Fil – is an FDA preservative free saline solution “Indicated as an insertion and rinsing solution for scleral lenses.” Patients and ECPs can find scleralFil on amazon or the Dry Eye shop.

When you order the InSight Scleral Lens from us, be sure to ask customer service about our Scleral Lens Care Kit. Learn more here.

More Solutions on the Market
This is by no means an exhaustive list. This is merely a list of a few examples of different eye drops and contact lens solutions that you’ll find online and in stores. It’s worth repeating to take your time, ask questions and verify with your eye doctor and the pharmacist that you have the correct solution for you.

Always Talk to Your Doctor
Always call or email your doctor to let them know which solution you are using or considering using. If you need to switch solutions, call your doctor to verify that that works for you specifically.

Remember, your eyes are a precious gift—let’s keep them sparkling!

(1) https://www.forbes.com/health/eye-health/best-eye-drops-for-contacts-wearers/

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