“Metro has been my go to company for personalized service! They help me design and make RGPs, sclerals and even soft lenses for the hard to fit patient. Yesterday they rushed a job for a KC patient, and I just want to say Thank You!”

– Dr. Steve R., OD

“I have always loved the personal touch that Jim and Kent give in the consultations and the lenses are always great quality. They will work with me till I get the perfect fit on some of my most challenging keratoconus patients and multifocal challenges. I’ve been using them for 28 years!!”

– Elissa Wedemeyer, OD

“I like the MetroProgressive lens because you can correct for astigmatism and the bifocal problem at the same time. You don’t have to worry about overcorrecting or undercorrecting, you can actually make it right.”

– Dr. Steve Thomas, OD

The best reference


“Over a decade ago I fit my first scleral lenses on a patient with severe keratoconus he saw his beautiful wife and 2-year-old daughter’s faces in detail for the first time ever and cried tears of joy. This moment was a defining moment in my career, and I took a special interest in fitting medically necessary contacts from that joyous day forward. The secret sauce to my success has been relying on the expertise of contact lens manufacturers and their consultants. I have trusted, leaned on, annoyed, emailed and counted on Metro Optics for many of these years I have been fitting specialty lenses. Jim, Kent, Steve and Lora have been a godsend. Their collective expertise and guidance in specialty lenses is second to none. They do the hard work behind the scenes while I take the credit.”

-Arun Kaistha, OD

“My patients greatly benefit from Metro’s Kerasoft lens design for keratoconus. Two patients, in particular, commented how their activities of daily living have improved and felt blessed there was a lens to suit their needs. Kerasoft allows the cone patient to see adequately, where the visual acuity from other soft contact lenses fall short. Also, some individuals complain of discomfort with GPs nor could afford the high price-tag of sclerals. Furthermore, these patients found piggy-backs and hybrid soft-skirts inconvenient. So, I’m glad this alternative is available to help this “niche” group of keratoconics, and the Kerasoft fills that need…indeed!”

– Dr. Seema Nanda


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