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On occasion a patient’s eyesight is less-than-desirable after refractive surgery, and a follow-up surgical procedure or enhancement is not possible. There are also occasions where eyesight is less-than-desirable following a corneal graft. In these instances custom contact lenses can make all the difference in achieving clear vision.

Custom contact lenses that address the needs of the post-surgical eye are available in all three categories of custom lens design and all provide excellent vision correction.

Here are the options for post-surgical fitting you will find here at Metro Optics.

InSight Scleral

InSight Scleral is a comprehensive scleral lens design that can be used on virtually anyone. It works equally well on normal corneas as it does on compromised corneas.

It provides a stable and comfortable fit, maximizing visual potential in cases where soft lenses and intra-corneal rigid lenses cannot.

InSight Scleral can also deliver multifocal correction up to 3 diopters of add power. This innovative feature allows both normal and compromised cornea patients to experience excellent distance and reading correction in a remarkably comfortable lens.

HHM Technology

InSight Scleral features a unique design approach we like to call HHM Technology, which refers to the way this lens was developed.

HHM Technology stands for the collaboration of custom contact lens industry professionals and clinical practitioners in the development of optical devices that substantially improve the world of sight for those in need of visual compensation. HHM includes the expertise of over 80 years of work in the field of contact lenses and optics.

Competitive Exchange Program
Trade-in your old scleral diagnostic set, and we’ll send you a brand new InSight Scleral Diagnostic Set for freeContact us for details.

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Genesis Scleral

Genesis Scleral was born from the most proven technology in the scleral lens category. It provides a robust and dependable system for addressing irregular corneas and extremely dry eyes.


The Genesis Scleral is available in several configurations to be applied to Standard, Keratoconic and Post-Surgical corneas.

Competitive Exchange Program
Trade-in your old scleral diagnostic set, and we’ll send you a brand new Genesis Scleral Diagnostic Set for freeContact us for details.

  • Created from Proven Technology
  • Versatile, Stable & Dependable
  • Comprehensive Dianostic Kit Selection
  • Available in astigmatic parameters

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RevitalEyes are custom manufactured soft lenses specifically designed to fit a surgically-altered cornea where visual acuity is less than optimal.

RevitalEyes lenses are available in a wide range of parameters, including both spherical and toric options, to fit virtually all surgically altered corneas. The lenses are made from either hydrogel (Hioxifilcon-B 49% water) or Silicone Hydrogel (Efrofilcon-A DefinitiveTM 74% water 60dk), with both materials providing high-caliber durability and visual acuity.

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RSa & RSb

Both RSa and RSb lenses are suitable for the post-surgical cornea, where either refractive surgery or corneal transplant surgery are been performed. This RGP lens design optimizes visual acuity while providing a stable and comfortable fitting relationship.


Versatile enough to fit all post-surgical conditions, this lens easily and consistently provides patients with excellent comfort and visual acuity while fitting the corneal surface.

A combination of spherical and aspheric curves creates alignment with the peripheral cornea, causing it to slightly vault over the surgically altered central cornea. Standard diameters are used for PKP patients, and larger diameters are used for post-refractive patients.


This lens features all versatility of the RSa in consistently providing patients with excellent comfort and visual acuity. It also featured secondary base curve geometry for improved edge clearance on post-refractive patients having excessively steep peripheral corneas.

A large-than-standard diameter is used to aid lens centering.

Both styles can incorportate toric parameters into the design to address patients with significant astigmatism.

  • Decades of proven success
  • Features a wide range of parameters
  • Available in standard hydrogel, high water hydrogel and silicone hydrogel materials

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