Presbyopia Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses For When The Need For Bifocals Has Arisen

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that makes it difficult to see objects up close. With age, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, making it more difficult for the eye to adjust and focus on near objects.

Multifocal and bifocal contact lenses are an excellent option for people with presbyopia and provide clear vision at every focal depth.

Here are the options for presbyopia fitting you will find here at Metro Optics.

Metro Progressive Aspheric Multifocal

The Metro Progressive is a rigid corneal lens that delivers clear focus at near, intermediate and distant vision ranges. This lens has a proven track record that spans more than 3 decades, satisfying the vast majority of all new wearers. Metro Progressive is a thin, comfortable, successful contact lens options for patients needing bifocal type vision correction.

As the name implies, the add power of the lens gets progressively stronger from its center distance vision zone to the lens edge. The intermediate and near power zone is accessible in both downward and upward gaze so the multifocal correction is just as effective for either objects above or below the straight-line of sight.

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Designed to perform like a pair of regular bifocal glasses, the Metro-Seg is a rigif corneal lens that provides cript, clear vision for distance viewing and reading. The reading portion of the lens featured a curved, crescent top that keeps the reading power in an optimal position for viewing objects at a distance or up close.

Metro-Seg lenses also feature unlimited power ranged and are available in toric parameters, so they can suit the vast majority of presbyobic eyes as well at those with astigmatism.

  • Unlimited Add Power

  • Smooth Image Transition

  • No Fitting Set Required

  • Available in astigmatic parameters

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MetroFocal & MetroFocal Toric

MetroFocal and MetroFocal Toric are soft lenses that generate a bifocal correction of up to +2.50 dipters of add power. This aspheric soft lens design delivers effective intermediate and near task vision while still providing excellent visual acuity at a distance. MetroFocal featured both spherical and toric parameters available so patients with astigmatism can also comfortably wear these bifocal lenses.

MetroFocal lenses are available in three lens material choices Polymacon 38% water standard hydrogel, Hioxifilcon B 49% water standard hydrogel or DefinitiveTM 74% water 60dk silicone hydrogel. All three materials provide a comfortable all day wearing performance.

  • Delivers up to 2.50 Diopters of Add Power

  • Features a wide range of parameters

  • Available in standard hydrogel, high water hydrogel and silicone hydrogel materials

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InSight Scleral

InSight Scleral is a comprehensive scleral lens design that can be used on virtually anyone. It works equally well on normal corneas as it does on compromised corneas.

It provides a stable and comfortable fit, maximizing visual potential in cases where soft lenses and intra-corneal rigid lenses cannot.

InSight Scleral can also deliver multifocal correction up to 3 diopters of add power. This innovative feature allows both normal and compromised cornea patients to experience excellent distance and reading correction in a remarkably comfortable lens.

HHM Technology

InSight Scleral features a unique design approach we like to call HHM Technology, which refers to the way this lens was developed.

HHM Technology stands for the collaboration of custom contact lens industry professionals and clinical practitioners in the development of optical devices that substantially improve the world of sight for those in need of visual compensation. HHM includes the expertise of over 80 years of work in the field of contact lenses and optics.

Competitive Exchange Program
Trade-in your old scleral diagnostic set, and we’ll send you a brand new InSight Scleral Diagnostic Set for freeContact us for details.

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