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Decades Of Creating And Manufacturing Top-Quality Lenses

Metro Optics has been a leading manufacturer for custom contact lenses in the United States since 1973. We take pride in having assisted thousands of eye care professionals throughout the country improve their practices by helping them broaden their offerings to serve a wider variety of patients.

Our product portfolio spans the spectrum of soft, rigid corneal and scleral contact lenses aimed to help satisfy even the most challenging of contact lens fits.

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The History Of Metro Optics

Metro Optics was founded in 1973 by Mr. Jim Webb in Dallas, Texas. His goal was to give eye care professionals across the country the ability to source high-quality contact lenses for even the most difficult to fit eye conditions.

Metro Optics was built on providing unsurpassed product quality, exceptional customer service and expert technical support. Throughout its history, Metro Optics has remained focused on providing innovative and effective lens designs for every vision correction challenge it encountered.

Today Metro Optics holds multiple FDA 501k clearances covering a wide variety of lens design offerings. Our product portfolio features a wide array of contact lens designs and fitting systems that cover a range of vision corrections. Metro Optics invested heavily in developing our proprietary lenses working closely with leading eye care professionals to ensure our products were the best in their class.

What Sets Us Apart

Metro Optics adheres closely to the founding principles established by its founder Jim Webb. The Webb family and their associates’ bring a genuine passion and dedication to their work. Nothing is more important to the Metro Optics team than improving lives through better vision. Our clients will always be greeted by a friendly voice when calling our office. The customer service staff will quickly and kindly assist every client in getting exactly what they need. Expert lens fitting consultants are always available for product support to quickly reach a successful lens fit and satisfied patient. Our production staff will rapidly manufacture each lens to the highest quality standards following our ISO 9001 and 13485 quality system guidance.

Metro Optics offers the market’s most sophisticated lens designs and innovative fitting systems through ongoing research and development. Our manufacturing lines feature some of the most advanced technology found throughout the world today. Metro Optics has sourced the very best in production equipment and quality inspection equipment then uses advanced employee production techniques for the highest quality output.

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