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A revolutionary design for keratoconus and other irregular corneas. For more information or to become a certified KeraSoft professional,  just click the image above.

Our Mission

At Metro Optics, our mission is to provide eye care professionals with contact lens products and services that enhance their practices and the lives of their patients.

With ongoing research and development, Metro Optics offers the market sophisticated lens designs and innovative fitting systems. We increase revenue by satisfying and retaining patients. In short, Metro Optics is your one-stop shop for all the contact lens needs of a contemporary eye care practice.

Full Service GP & Soft Lens Laboratory

Metro OpticsResearch and Development are paramount to the Metro Optics mission. For over 30 years we have successfully worked with thousands of corneas. Our lens designs reflect the experience and attention to detail that has characterized the Metro Optics approach since first opening in 1973. Metro Optics founders believe that an excellent product, good customer relations and attention to design are the cornerstones of every successful business. It is the commitment to these principles that make Metro Optics the best choice for your gas permeable and soft contact lenses.

Kerasoft - A revolutionary product for the healthy management of Keratoconus and other Irregular Cornea conditions.


New Custom
Silicone Hydrogel

Available in
RevitalEyes Post Refractive
KeraSoft - NEW!
MultiFocal Toric
Torics & Spheres


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