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Manage Myopia the Easy Way!

The Ortho-ATX is a custom designed overnight orthokeratology lens that utilizes an empiric fitting approach to treat high amounts of myopia and astigmatism, producing highly successful outcomes quickly and easily.

  • No Fitting Set Required – Custom lenses designed from spectacle Rx and corneal topography measurements.
  • Free online training
  • 90% first lens success rate

Ortho-ATX features an optimized four zone configuration comprised of unique proprietary shaping curves and peripheral alignment stabilization curves to keep the Ortho-ATX centered directly over the desired treatment area of the cornea for highly predictable and reliable results.

Key Features of Ortho-ATX

  • Effective on Myopia up to -5.00 Diopters
  • Treats significant amounts of corneal astigmatism
  • Reverse curve shaping, and recovery zones work together to provide desired corneal molding.
  • Alignment Curve Stabilization provides a stable and comfortable alignment fit across the mid-peripheral cornea while providing adequate tear exchange.

Simplistic Fitting Approach!

Ideal fitting Ortho-ATX lens
Ideal fitting Ortho-ATX lens

Order Lens Empirically

No need to invest in expensive fitting sets or training courses! Order your patients’ initial lens empirically by sending Metro Optics the following information:

  • Reliable corneal topography
  • Reliable manifest refraction
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Ortho-ATX Dispense Visit

  • Place Ortho-ATX on patient’s eye
  • Instill a small amount of fluorescein
  • Observe lens for proper centration and fit
  • Once the lens is determined a good fit, instruct the patient to wear the lens overnight and return for follow-up immediately in the morning.
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Ideal fitting Ortho-ATX lens
Ideal fitting Ortho-ATX lens

Next Day Follow-Up

  • Re-evaluate lens fit with fluorescein to look for any decentration.
  • If fluorescein pattern is ideal, then remove the lens and perform corneal topography to verify corneal flattening is happening in the desired place of the eye.
  • If decentration is noted, call Metro Optics consultation.

Recommended Follow-Up Schedule For Ortho-Atx

Proper follow-up is key in the management of your myopia patient. To ensure the best outcome with the Ortho-ATX lens, we suggest seeing the patient at the following intervals:

  • One week after initial dispense
  • One month after the 1-week follow-up
  • Three months after the 1-month follow-up
  • Every 6 months thereafter if the lens is fitting well
Ideal central flattening
Ideal central flattening

Inferior decentration
Inferior decentration
Superior decentration
Superior decentration

Temporal decentration
Temporal decentration

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